Infographic of Social Media Equivalents in China

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  1. Yolanda

    Maybe include Sifang under Check-in:
    Nice infographic. Hong Kong would be a very different landscape.

  2. Jeremy Webb

    I agree. We gave too much face to Jiepang!

    Anyway… I doubt independent LBS will be as relevant for much longer in mainland China.

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  4. Yes, it will be interesting to see how Location Based Services (4sq, Gowalla, etc) work with Facebook Places.

    It seems in the last few years in China that new and independent Social Media platforms have a tough time. The giants seem to come along and start a rough equivalent. Are there any exceptions?

  5. Agreed, the players in “check-in” are very speculative. Even FourSquare’s future is uncertain in the US, and the road is far more difficult in China where there are oodles of copycats and no established leader. I think Places will become the dominant LBS platform in the US, while in China the SNS players will likely eschew platform altogether and just build foursquare themselves.

    Yes, the Chinese internet is generally dominated by empires, but I think RenRen and Kaixin001 count as “independent social media platforms” that have been able to rise in the last few years despite the efforts of Tencent, Sina, and Sohu to box them out. China’s Groupon players are also new and we’ll see how well they’re able to hold off entries from the internet empires (RenRen, Taobao, QQ, etc. are all in the game now).

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  7. Guest

    Wenwen under Tencent for Q&A

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  10. Fff

    That is One ugly (and inkomplette) infographic 😉

  11. Emma

    Yes, LBS in China just started. But i see a trend that Microblogging service like Sina Weibo is tapping into the LBS field.. Any enterprise in China has the ambition to do it all! Like Tencent QQ!

  12. Hi Kai, long time no see.

    Actually Renren belongs to Oak Pacific and Sina owns a significant amount of shares in Kaixin001. It’s still the world of internet empires 🙁

    Hope Jiepang goes well and never be like “Fanfou”.

  13. a big missing is QQ’s Qzone. It is the largest Chinese social networking site although contains a lot of inactive users.

    other else:

    LBS: is actually the largest, although Jiepang much better markets itself.
    Video Sharing: which just IPO and Baidu’s (more like Hulu)
    Photo Sharing: is the No.1
    IM: never forget China Mobile’s Fetion
    Groupon: and

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  15. Very cool. Is there a larger report that this is part of that we can get?

  16. Abasse Asgaraly

    Great insights! Thanks a lot Rebecca for sharing this with us.

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  19. the infographic is great, but unreadable (because of the small fonts). can anyone list them in comment? tq.

  20. Steve Han

    come on man. do you really know China?

    twitter: did you here Tencent also have a twitter clone? It is clearly the no.2 behinds Sina.
    SNS: douban is not a SNS period. Also, you can argue Qzone is the largest SNS in China.
    Groupon: is clearly the market leader there.

  21. 還好我都看得懂,字體的確略小。

  22. “SNS” is a very loose categorization. Douban distinguishes itself from Renren, Kaixin or Facebook in the sense of social networking.

  23. Solaris

    Meituan is the leader. Nuomi is the copier

  24. Solaris

    Meituan is the leader. Nuomi is the copier

  25. Lin Liu

    hi thomas a few categories that you might want to consider adding, gaming (qq etc) which tends to be extremely social in cn; music sharing (baidu etc), dating (iapartment).

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