Shanghai Russian Concession Sports Trophy

This being Oscars season, here is a remarkable 1935 Russian Regiment sports trophy from Shanghai that just sold on Ebay to someone in the Russian Federation.

Measuring 3.7/8″ (inches) highs, 1.5/8″ in diameter and weighing 37grams or 1.1/4ozs, the trophy sold for 1,451 pounds.

According to the seller, the flag seal in enamel is taken from the Russian regiment flag, which was adopted from the seal of the Shanghai International Concession.

Paul French adds the following:

The porcelain seal is the Shanghai Municipal Council’s flag – omnia juncta in uno – all together or united as one.

The SMC flag was ridiculous as it included the flags of all 19 (or thereabouts) treaty powers – I always think that this must have been in the mind of someone when they decided the EU flag would be a simply blue with a few stars – imagine a similar hotch-potch of the flags of all EU member states! or the US flag being composed of all the state flags!

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  1. Edward

    I only count 12 flags and I'm ashamed/surpised I don't even recognise all.

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