One of the biggest challenges facing our fast-growing social media team is finding the best talent out there. We have rarely resorted to recruiters, instead preferring to use social media. My colleague in Beijing, Jeremy Webb, created this flowchart to help in his search for talent.

Posted on Sina Weibo, China’s largest Twitter-like platform, he had 400 forwards and 50 resumes in his inbox within 10 hours.

Here’s a translation:
Would you be as kind to co-workers, as smart, as willing to debate and challenge as we try to be?

Are you passionate about social media to the point that Weibo is the first thing you look at in the morning?

Can you make a ppt pretty? Can you photoshop? Could you make this picture look even better?

Could occasionally work every minute you are awake, as I sometimes do?

We are a company of marketers, not linguists. If your English is not perfect, please do not let this stop you applying.

You know my Weibo name (Angry Editor)… Do you have impeccable attention to detail?

Send us your resume!

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  3. I completely agree,
    great aricle! I’m glad I stumbled across this website!

  4. James

    I'm having trouble lining up the translation with the boxes.  It may leave out the grey “no” box, and the yellow diamond with a loop.

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