This graph shows the amount of Internet surfing done in China, according to device.

It is interesting to note:
– How Nokia still dominates in terms of the number of devices surfing the Internet.
– How quickly iOs and Android have become top-5 devices for Internet searching and surfing. The next version of this graph is almost certain to show iOS and Android vying for number 1 slot.
– There is a vast universe of devices not represented on this chart. Many of the cheap Chinese phones do not identify themselves when going online. This makes it hard to track usage of these devices.

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  1. Would love to see what browsers are being used on these devices. 

    Suspect the Nokia traffic is entirely Opera Mini or UC Web 🙂 

    Would also be interesting to see if UC Web and the QQ browser are making inroads with the iPhone and Android crowd in China. They've really improved their smartphone browsers lately and are offering regional social stuff built in that you don't get in the native browser.

  2. Of all the different types of android handsets in the market place, aggregated it is still ranked 5th?!? Really???? There's something wrong with this chart, help me understand it please. Thanks 🙂

  3. Vincent Lee

    hi dude. where is graph from ?

  4. Good question. 2 things that may help explain: 1- This data is now slightly old (From late last year and early this year).  2- Many of the locally-made handsets using Android are difficult to identify. This will be an ongoing issue for those trying to build a robust map of China's mobile Internet eco-system.

  5. Nokia seems still the strongest mobile brand in China.

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  7. Stats can be cut many ways. When you present next will you present a manufacturer version also? Nokia has many handsets as does those that run on Android.  What is the Y axis scale? A reference to the source would be good to see also.

    Feature phones sales still out number smart phone sales 4 to 1 never mind those already out there.  I am afraid I will have to disagree with Apple passing Nokia in terms of internet usage any time soon in China. Totalling up all Android usage would good. Perhaps Google can help identify their Android versions.

  8. Mark: Yes, to your point, this graph is not a fair comparison in some ways because it combines all iPhones and Android to compare them against specific Nokia models. Please point me to any other research you know about in this zone.

  9. Thanks as always for sharing this information. What was your source, by the way?

  10. Thomas,

    The stats were via IDC and on this slideshare.

    There are a number of good presentations that I have as favourites you may know some of them anyway. VisionMobile present some good content although not so much on Feature phones.

    Disclaimer: I work for biNu it is a company that provide fast access to internet services on feature phones. 


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  12. Yunxch97

    China is a  country that changes rapidly while in no way shall it change into another in a night. Android and iPhone are gaining their popularity,  while first they shall wait for Nokia to lose its market share. Of course Nokia is reluctant to do what the other favors. So interesting to see what will happen in the following several years.
    Here is a PDF presented by the wireless department of baidu, China's largest search engine provider.…
    Hope it won't be to harsh for you to understand the contents.

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  14. Orchis_Garden

    How comes two “Nokia 5230”: the first and the seventh?

  15. Orchis_garden

    Hv the same question: the basing source is vital important to present the chart? And no doubt 3 leading OS is Android, iOS & Symbian, hopefully the WP7 will be released on market by end of yr, it will influence a lot in the mobile world.

  16. Orchis_Garden

    Not 100% agree. Nokia becomes weaker and weaker nowadays. Most of customers compliant with its poor UI and running speed of symbian and also with the Apps, which are the vital things that customers care, but Nokia still is lack of actions change the situation, may N9 could save it shortly, temporary…

  17. weinfurtnerp

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  18. paoxu712

    Nokia cellphone is one of the best cellphones in the world.I bought a write Nokia 5230
    last year.It has a high quality.I like it very much.

  19. Nokia
    loses market share just because their smart phone not really
    impressive. Users pay attention to Iphone and want to have this device
    with a reasonable price. I think Nokia should have big change in design
    and OS if they want to have competition with Apple and other branch.

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  21. I fully agree with previous comments. Nokia cellphone is one of the best cellphones in the world!

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  23. I think that Nokia is the best. As it is the best seling phone in teh world and there is no competation for this one,…

  24. Nokia was the best selling phone and China is the best in technology, but they need to work on their durability..

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