China ChopperChina Ultralight

Videos posted recently of crazy Chinese pilots testing their homemade flying machines. The helicopter‘s tail almost hits the ground on takeoff, while the ultralight – which is held together by bailing twine – shakes so much that the pilot can barely take his hands off the controls. On the positive side, the aircraft are cheap to build. The pilot of one said it cost him less than RMB20,000 (less than 2,000 euros) Look out Boeing and Airbus: Heeeere comes China! (h/t Shanghaiist)

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  1. Rod Witte

    well I have to say I am impressed for a versitile little chopper, it may be unstable now but I am sure with a bit more work it would be a real winner.
    can anyone give me any details regarding the builder such as contacts details?
    yes I m serious with my request so could others please be serious with their replies!
    thank you and I hope to hear from you soon

  2. Ernest Dizon

    Good ,job,I was born in Shanghai,china,but residing in the Philippines,I for one has an invention ;powered by magnets:one Disk mounted permanently,with twenty to thirty magnets around the edge of this disk,the second disk?has similar numbers of permanent magnets;around it,s edges,and this disk is the revolving one;through a simple clutch system?when put in close proximity to the first disk?it would spin,connect a generator to the shaft?you,will have free electricity;the use of this motor is for cars ,submarine,airplane,boats;this model of my motor is for demonstration purpose only,but my production model ?has multi stage,and powered by Neodymium magnets,it is very expensive but ;very powerful;the SECRET?is the shape of the magnets on the first disk,that is mounted on the Board:interested [email protected],looking for sponsors,looking for business partners in a 50/50 Franchise Deal,this motor I named Dynaflux (Dynamic Fuxtuation),and I,m using the principle of repulsion,still under patent,in the United States.this motor uses no Batteries ,no gas no out side power scource.

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