Best way to follow the Olympics

In case you are not already doing so, Twitter has been a great way to follow (and participate in) Olympics coverage.

For the opening ceremony a large group of us wrote 140 character postings with the agreed tag #080808.

Lonnie Hodge – who also Twitted – blogged about the outcome:

And yesterday’s hash mash (a way to view aggregated info on a single topic) during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies was just straight-up fun! David Feng, the hardest working tweeter in the business, did a better job at translations, and commentary than did any of the newscasters on CCTV or Pearl (HK).

Kaiser Kuo, Paul Denlinger, Thomas Cramption, China Buzz (from the news center), Rebecca MacKinnon, Papa John, Siok Siok Tan, Marc (from inside the stadium), Frank, and a host of others joined the creators, like Flypig, of a phenomenon that was and is by turns funny, wonderfully irreverent, informative and better at fashion critiques and obscure celebrity sightings than (insert the dubious catch of Canadian language geek DaShan walking with the Canuck team) is Perez Hilton’s army of snitches. And they do this while character-cuffed to 140 (133 if you count the hash tag) keyboard ticks a tweet.

I think having to compress thoughts quickly and concisely forces you to write free of your normal subjective shorthand and makes for unusual candor and sometimes great comedy: Cyber-Haiku.

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