Built on the rim of the Gobi desert and one of the most polluted cities in the world, Beijing residents are forced to take extreme measures to survive the winter, including facial cream.

Other necessary equipment discussed in this video are humidifiers and air filters. Winter life in Beijing is a bubble-boy existence!

Any tips further tips on surviving our first Beijing winter are most welcome.

This video courtesy of Seemsic (more on that later!)

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  1. Hi Tom, I agree the air filters are not that innovative in terms of design, though I got my hands on a nice tall Midea unit that does ionization, filtering and UV “cleansing” for what that’s worth.

    But I’m surprised to hear your complaint about the humidifiers. Have you not seen the ones shaped like frogs and funny cartoon characters? I have to chuckle everytime we walk down the aisle at Carrefour. Maybe we can do a whole video segement dedicated to that.

  2. thomascrampton


    Yes, to be fair, we went to the department store and asked for the most powerful humidifier.

    We should do a segment on your crazy frog-style humidifier. No doubt there is also a Hello-Kitty humidifier!

  3. Paul

    Essential tips to combat static electricity. Always hit the car door before you open it. Smack the elevator call buttons. High five your partner before kissing.

    For dryness, I like to run the hot shower for half an hour to fill up the apartment with steam. Snorting water into the nostrils can help.

    The only cure for dust is beer.

    The whole city will get a “flu” about three days after the central heating gets turned on.