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Australia's Public Leadership Deficit

Following my posting and video on the public leadership deficit, BNET journalist Phil Dobbie called me from Australia to discuss how the issue is having impact on elections in New South Wales. In Phil’s view: “NSW goes to the polls this week with the choice between one of the most unpopular Labor governments ever, and

Tackling The World's Leadership Deficit

The world, as we all know, faces a massive leadership deficit (see video below). This has become painfully clear in recent weeks across the Arab world, but has long been the case. Faced with crisis in issues of health, income disparity and climate change (to name a few) we now need great leadership more than

Needed: "An Inconvenient Truth" for Water

Watch out Al Gore! I heard a fascinating presentation from the Chairman of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, on the global water crisis. Not since seeing Gore present an early version of the presentation that became An Inconvenient Truth have I seen an environmental issue presented in such a compelling and urgent manner. For context, this was