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Facebook cracks deal in Vietnam

Facebook, which has been blocked on-and-off in Vietnam, has just signed an agreement with FPT Corporation becoming a Preferred Developer Program Consultant. This partnership will cover the promotions and selling of ads for Facebook in Vietnam. It will also include involvement in development of the official mobile application for the Vietnamese market, according to an

Facebook's Vietnam War

UPDATE: This week (Jan 12, 2011) the government of Vietnam appears to be blocking Facebook more comprehensively. I wonder if FB ever managed to hire the person in the adjoining ad. One skillset they requested was someone who could keep the site from getting blocked! Interesting post in The Economist’s blog has an update on

Interview: Social Media in Vietnam

Viet Nam News recently got in touch to interview me for an article about the development of Social Media in Vietnam and what it means for the country. A few extracts:How have social media networks developed in Viet Nam in recent years, and in comparison to other Asian countries? Viet Nam is at the fascinating