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Yahoo Asia: Old-Style Journalism Meets Bloggers

Yahoo Southeast Asia appears to have developed a rather successful formula for mixing old-style journalism with new media. ComScore ranks the portal as number one for news in four of five Southeast Asian markets. The key to this success has been reach and diversity of content, according to the site’s managing editor, Alan Soon. I

Abhisit: Thailand is Coming Back

Extracts from a press briefing given last week by Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva at the World Economic Forum’s East Asia Summit. Apologies for the low quality, I shot it with my mobile phone. I believe this is the only video record of the conference.

Crisis? ASEAN Unveils New Anthem

Faced with the greatest economic meltdown since the great depression, the ASEAN meeting in Thailand this week took the only logical action for Asian ministers: Sing a song. With a top flight choir from the Royal Thai Navy and lyrics that only a committee of government officials could love, let history take note that the

Funny Thaksin headline

This headline, from an article in The Nation in Thailand, was recently brought to my attention. The article, which ran on page 1, refers to my blog posting with Thaksin last month. Irony was running strong in the newsroom with the editor who wrote the headline. The story got numerous pick-ups and the video was