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Opening On Steroids: Fake Fireworks, Mimed Singing

This list of Zhang Yimou’s “Performance Enhancing” techniques to achieve that dazzling Olympics opening ceremony keeps growing. China lawyer Liu Xiao Yuan considers suing (Someone care translate it?) Here’s a few of the complaints echoing around. 1- Mimed Singing 2- Fake Fireworks 3- Better production for US viewers 4- NEW ALLEGATION: The song “You and

Fake Mickey Mouse Joins the Olympics

Forget those athletes, Japanese media has been going heavy on the appearance of fake Mickey Mouse at the Olympics. Classic denial translated by Pink Tentacle from the Yomiuri: When asked about the resemblance to Mickey, a spokesperson replied, “They have square holes in their ears. They are not copies.” The spokesperson suggested the statues are

Amusing Coverage of Opening Ceremony

The Globe and Mail ran the above amusing cartoon while, elsewhere in Canada, the Edmonton Sun’s Terry Jones could not praise the opening ceremony highly enough. Wonder if even the China Daily had a lead this strong. Olympic opening ceremonies the best ever By Terry Jones, Edmonton Sun BEIJING – If any future Olympic Games