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Yes, Virginia, It is Christmas

A very Virginia-style scene of choosing a Christmas tree from the woods. (Photo credit to Thuy-Tien Crampton) That blob in the lower left corner being looked at by the horses is me carrying a cedar tree from the woods. For those concerned that chopping down a tree is an environmentally unfriendly way to celebrate the

Stockholm's Best Hot Chocolate

Next time you are in Stockholm, be sure to try the hot chocolate served in the vertiginous Erik’s Gondola restaurant. The venue appears to be a rather precarious industrial bridge and the hot chocolate served there is excellent. It is actually a hot chocolate experience since the customer is served the raw ingredients which must

Cross-postings to Danwei from this blog

This e-mail just arrived: Hi – I recently discovered your blog and enjoy your way of doing things. However, since you’re now also posting on Danwei, I find it redundant because I follow both blogs with rss feeds. I just thought I’d let you know I’m on the verge of quitting your rss feed, as