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Fabulous Facebook Event

A great Facebook event next Monday for anyone who will be in Hong Kong. There will be experts in from Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters who rarely ever visit the region. Click on the invitation to request a seat! (or go to

Doobie Brothers in Hong Kong!

This year, the ball that I co-chair features the Doobie Brothers. It is our 10th anniversary, so we are taking over the largest hall of the Convention Center. (The room where Britain handed sovereignty over to China.) The response to the band has been incredible, with a huge portion of tickets sold already! Not only

Endorsement that matters: Po Leung Kuk graduates

Apologies for this non social media posting, but I wanted to share a great moment from Saturday when the alumni of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Scholarship Fund gathered together for our annual lunch. I am co-chair and co-founder of the fund and the event that supports it, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Charity Ball. For this