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The Utopia of Things

The hype over the Internet of Things may be reaching pitch fever following CES, but the chatter started in earnest last year. John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, gave a keynote to a packed house predicting that there would be 50 billion connected devices by 2020, while  Sara Silverman starred in a Cisco video offering a

Will Publishing Follow the Music Industry?

Apple’s move to charge publishers 30 percent for subscriptions has raised a lot of interest around the business models for those selling content. A recent report on e-readers by Bain and Company opens with the above graph of declining turnover seen by the music industry. (UPDATE: Came across an interesting critique of this chart on

Nivio: A Cloud Computer for US$75

With Cloud computing on everyone’s lips in Taiwan, Computex, Sachin Duggal of Nivio introduces his Nivio Cloud PC – a computer hosted in the cloud. He aims to change the economics of computers by renting software to subsidize the hardware, while maintaining a quality experience. The beauty of this model, Duggal says, is that you can

Wikireader: Unpaid Endorsement (sort of)

This is a long overdue posting for my latest favorite gadget, the Wikireader. William Lai of OpenMoko sent me an early version of the WikiReader to try out and present at the Gadget-thon in the Stream conference in Athens. The device has quickly become an object I keep at hand around the house, particularly when