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danah boyd takes an email sabbatical

danah boyd, a wonderful friend who normally cannot have her iPhone or Sidekick out of her hands for 2 minutes, has taken a email sabbatical. Below is the entirely danah-esque reply I got when I sent her an email. She did a great blog posting on her email sabbatical and how it annoys people. Ironically,

Atmospheric Paris Evening

Great pleasure to be in Paris for a few days catching up with friends (and hearing them rehearse). Video can give great atmosphere. Note to self: Remember to bring a jacket when traveling from Hong Kong to Paris in mid-December.

David Sifry's 30,000 Offbeat Guides

David Sifry, serial entrepreneur and founder of blog search service Technorati, flew to Stockholm for this interview about Offbeat Guides. David’s newly launched personalized guide books are a new concept in publishing, where books are printed on demand to match a traveler’s exact itinerary and dates. Combining proprietary information and information from the Internet, Offbeat