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China Social Media Landscape, 2015

China’s rapidly evolving social media landscape has proven a tough moving target for anyone to follow. For the last five years ago, our social media team has created infographics explaining the social media landscape of various Asian countries. The image for China has been in constant evolution, from this first version in 2010. Now Jeremy

10 Books That Best Explain Social Media

Tropical rain forests have been felled for trite tomes on Social Media hyperventilating how “everything is different”. It isn’t. People are still people. Rather than look for a book on “How To Snapchat”, I seek insight from great thinkers around sociology, behavior change and influence. The below list of books was compiled with much input

Brand newsroom checklist

Newsrooms, homebase of my former career, have come back into my life. Rather than the home of cantankerous editors, I now look at newsrooms from the perspective of how brands operate in the world of social. As the barriers to distributing content and creating a media property have dropped, many brands have been keen to