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Joi Ito: Why you need a local partner in Japan

Interesting posting by Joi Ito about why companies need a local partner in Japan. His examples: eBay went it alone and had to leave and now don’t exist in Japan having lost net auctions to Yahoo Japan and Rakuten. Friendster and now Facebook who have launched “localized versions” are not getting traction. Mixi, the Orkut

Vivek Wadhwa: China is NOT the new Silicon Valley

While William Bao Bean said in a recent interview that we should Expect More Digital Garages in China, Vivek Wadhwa disagrees, asserting that China is not innovating and has still has not moved beyond copycat status. “China is simply unable to innovate,” said Wadhwa, a Harvard fellow and Duke University professor. A former technology entrepreneur,

William Bao Bean: Expect More Digital Garages in China

Long belittled for ripping off Silicon Valley’s successes pixel-for-pixel, China’s web entrepreneurs are now starting innovate, argues William Bao Bean, former analyst at Deutsche Bank and now partner at Softbank China and India Holdings. Why? 1- Ecosystem – For the first time China now has the large crop of bloggers, VCs and entrepreneurs necessary for