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Marketing publisher trash-talks rival Media Magazine

Justin Randles, founder of Marketing Magazine, trashtalks the competition in this video below, saying why you should read his recently launched publication and ignore his highly established main competitor, Media Magazine. (With Marketing magazine fighting Media magazine it can get somewhat confusing. Can someone please tell these guys to think up more creative titles for

Should you read The Asia Media Journal?

Today my tour of English language publishing in Asia brings us Mike Savage, editor of The Asia Media Journal, explaining why we should read his publication. Mike has covered media for more than ten years, including six years in Britain before coming out to Hong Kong about four years ago. His publication, which covers developments

Congrats to Asian Editorial Award Winners

Congratulations to the many winners of awards at the SOPA editorial awards tonight. SOPA honored Asia’s best journalists for their outstanding work. (Apparently, however, the Society of Publishers in Asia did not seek proofreading help from the Society of Copy Editors in Asia.) FEER blogged what many writers and editors in the audience must have