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Lera Auerbach on the meaning of music

The morning after I heard her in concert, I had a chance to do a video quizzing composer, pianist and poet Lera Auerbach about the meaning of music. As a non-musical person, this quest for the meaning of music has become a bit of a crusade. I asked the same of the Chinese composer Chou

The Danger of Billionaire Philanthropists

A new breed of super-rich is now facing the decision of what to do with their money and Matthew Bishop, US business editor of The Economist has been looking at their philanthropic activities. They certainly have the potential to do a great deal of good, but they could easily pervert the current aid and development

Salman Iqbal on ARY and TV in Pakistan

Salman Iqbal, President and CEO of the ARY Digital Television Network, speaks about the vast changes sweeping through Pakistan’s television and media market. Some background: When launched in 1997, ARY was the first private television network and has been a key force in modernizing Pakistan’s television. The network operates out of Dubai Media City. The