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Future of Media in the New Global Economy

The global economic crisis has added new and unprecendented pressures to the media industry. Already reeling from the pace of change brought by the Internet, media companies around the world now face further economic pressures. What will happen and what can media companies do? I look forward to moderating an event in Hong Kong on

CASBAA Horror Show: Marcopoto meets Palin

Playing a disturbingly realistic Joker, Steve Marcopoto, president and MD of Turner Broadcasting in Asia, awarded Sarah Palin look-alike Christine Fellowes, MD of Comcast, with first prize for frightening costume at the CASBAA ball last night. A good time was had by all (Apart from the Sarah Palin’s moose, who got shot on stage.)

CASBAA: Bill Roedy of MTV International

Running notes from on stage interview of Bill Roedy, CEO and Chairman MTV International. LOCALIZATION“MTV launched into localized content ‘back before it was cool’”.“At the time, this was controversial because of opening local offices, transponders and all the expense. Now the local strategy has hooked us into many centers of cool around the world.” “Our

Marcopoto, Millenials and Stunning Complacency

Stunning complacency shown by pay TV industry executives following a great panel by Steve Marcopoto, the Hong Kong-based president of Turner Broadcasting System Asia. Steve’s panel featured four high school students talking about their media consumption habits and afterwards the audience was polled to find out whether they thought Asia’s pay TV industry was doing