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Sexy User Generated Propaganda Hero for China

Lei Feng, icon of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, please meet Second Right Brother, your Web 2.0 counterpart. Lei Feng was a selfless and modest soldier devoted to Chairman Mao who was killed by a truck backing up. Created by Mao’s government the old fashioned way – fiat of the propaganda department – Lei Feng was intended

CNN, now a four-letter word in China

In continuing fallout from the travails of the Olympic torch, CNN now appears to be entering the Chinese vocabulary in a less than complimentary manner. A university teacher here in Hong Kong reports that his Chinese students now use the expression “so CNN” to mean something that is subjective, lying and deceitful. One student admonished

China Trend: Mobile phone condoms

A Beijing restaurant trend that protects the sloppy eater’s phone. The waiters at this restaurant delicately placed the diner’s phones in the bags. Marketers take note: Great advertising opportunity since people tend to look down at BlackBerrys so often. I have long been fascinated by the cultural differences in use of mobile phones, something I

Beijing101: Humidifiers and Air Filters

Built on the rim of the Gobi desert and one of the most polluted cities in the world, Beijing residents are forced to take extreme measures to survive the winter, including facial cream. Other necessary equipment discussed in this video are humidifiers and air filters. Winter life in Beijing is a bubble-boy existence! Any tips