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iPad overtakes the iPhone sales

Amazing as the iPhone growth was, the iPad is growing even faster. This chart compares the first quarters of sales growth. As someone who purchased an iPad, but uses it sporadically, I’d be interested to see how much usage is taking place. Stats and graph from Silicon Valley Insider.

How to: Use the iPad for Business

This Thursday we will have another one of our Social Media trainings done in association with The Wall Street Journal. Please join! Date: Thursday, May 12 Time: 12 noon Hong Kong (GMT +8) Where: Online Register for the free Webinar Now. With the Apple iPad at the core of the growth, the tablet industry is

Mass iPad Burning in Malaysia

Yesterday across Asia, a number of iPads and iPhones were burned in honor of the dead for the Ching Ming festival. Sold by funeral stores in Malaysia, the paper iPads were burned on graves so that people’s ancestors can enjoy use of the items. More standard items to burn are money and clothing. The Malaysia