Augmented reality is more than a nifty iPhone toy, according to Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, it will soon be a new media.

For those unaware of the trend, Augmented Reality new style of application that exists thanks to the ability of smart phones to tell not only where they are via GPS, but also know the angle at which they are being held.

This functionality has led to applications such as the Google Android Sky Map app that allows you to hold up a phone to the sky at night and see where the stars and planets are currently positioned. It is as if you have a map built into the sky. Amusingly, when you point the phone down towards the ground, you can see where the sun is on the other side of the earth.

In the case of Layar, co-founded by Lens-Fitzgerald, the new form of reality can be everything from rebuilding the Berlin Wall along the route where it stood to a game of pacman where you eat pellets by walking over them in the real world. One interesting usage would allow people to hold up their phone to see the price of apartments in a building. In the below video, he shows Tweets written in a given location.

The application allows people to build their own augmented reality “layars” which can be shared with others. So far, users have built more than one thousand different “layers”.

The ever-easing methods of creating layers of augmented reality will allow companies and individuals to create hybrid forms of reality that can be considered a new form of media, Lens-Fitzgerald said.

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